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Entry #13 — 2009 NFL Mock Draft (Round One)

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on April 20, 2009

Hey Everybody, long time no see.

I have a little treat for you,  and it took me a while to make.

I have completed the FIRST ROUND of my 2009 NFL MOCK DRAFT. YAY!!

Please,  hold the applause.

Without further ado….

Round 1

1. Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford (QB, Georgia)

If he is not taken, the Lions are doomed to failure for the next 10 seasons. It’s like a bad omen.

2. St. Louis Rams- Jason Smith (OT, Baylor)

The Rams need a lot of pieces to the puzzle, so why not start with a beastly lineman?

3. Kansas City Chiefs – Eugene Monroe (OT, Virginia)

The Chiefs would like to address their offensive woes first and foremost. Sorry Curry

4. Seattle Seahawks – Mark Sanchez (QB, USC)

Matt Hasselbeck is getting old, and Seattle is getting a little tired of it.

5. Cleveland Browns – Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech)

The Browns are going to try their hand at drafting a good wide receiver this time… (Cough* Braylon *Cough)

6. Cincinnati Bengals – Aaron Curry (LB, Wake Forest)

The Bengals NEED play makers, and that’s what Curry is. Unless he doesn’t make it this far…

7. Oakland Raiders – Jeremy Maclin (WR, Mizzou)

Someone needs to catch up to those cannon shots Russell is launching down field…

8. Jacksonville Jaguars – Andre Smith (OT, Alabama)

The Jaguars NEED somebody to protect the QB, so why not Smith?

9. Green Bay Packers – BJ Raji (DE, Boston College)

I don’t even know what to say, the Packers need a lot of help, everywhere.

10. San Francisco 49ers – Brian Orakpo (DE/LB, Texas)

Orakpo is a very athletic and strong hybrid player. Willis + Orakpo = Dynamic Duo

11. Buffalo Bills – Aaron Maybin (DE/LB, Penn State)

Maybin would be an excellent piece to the non-existent pass rush they have…

12. Denver Broncos – Rey Maualuga (LB, USC)

I say Maualuga here, but it could easily be Clay Mathews(LB) or even Chris Wells (RB).

13. Washington Redskins – Everette Brown (DE, Florida State)

After losing Jason Taylor, it’s only fitting to fill the gap. And Brown is a pretty good replacement.

14. New Orleans Saints – Malcom Jenkins (FS, Ohio State)

The Saints need a long term fit in their defensive backfield and this is their guy.

15. Houston Texans – Brian Cushing (LB, USC)

I am taking a chance on this one.  I have them taking Cushing because of his versatility.

16. San Diego Chargers – Tyson Jackson (DE, LSU)

Jackson is a big boy who can bring some more pass rush to the Chargers.

17. New York Jets – Josh Freeman (QB, Kansas State)

The Jets are in desperate need of a QB, and since Freeman is the only viable option to jump right in, I say him.

18. Denver Broncos – Robert Ayers (DE, Tennessee)

The Broncos I think are going to go after a DE with this pick. RB is also an option…

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Michael Johnson (DE, Georgia Tech)

With literally everyone being cut from Tampa, they could use a very solid pass rusher in Johnson.

20. Detroit Lions – Clay Matthews (LB, USC)

The Lions have a HUGE need for LB, and Matthews is the best on the board.

21. Philadelphia Eagles- Knowshon Moreno (RB, Georgia)

Moreno is a great complement to Westbrook, and could take over for him in a few years.

22. Minnesota Vikings – Eben Britton (OT, Arizona)

Britton is a big guy designed to open up some holes for A Pete.

23. New England Patriots – Darius Butler (CB, Connecticut)

The Patriots always have a terrible defensive backfield, and Butler is the most athletically gifted CB out there.

24. Atlanta Falcons – Evander Hood (DT, Mizzou)

The Falcons are looking very strong for next year, and Hood bulks up that D-Line immediately.

25. Miami Dolphins – Vontae Davis (CB, Illinois)

CB is a huge need for Miami, as well as OLB, however there are no worthy OLB on the board.

26. Baltimore Ravens – Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR, Maryland)

WR is a big need for Joe Flacco and the Ravens, and Heyward-Bey is a fix for that.

27. Indianapolis Colts – Connor Barwin (DE, Cincinatti)

Barwin is a rush linebacker and the Colts, who have few needs, could use another rusher.

28. Buffalo Bills – Brandon Pettigrew (TE, Oklahoma State)

The Bills could use a second option to newly acquired T.O. , and Pettigrew is a target.

29. New York Giants – Hakeem Nicks (WR, North Carolina)

With a certain WR in trial fighting jail time, Nicks could be a long term fix.

30. Tennessee Titans – D.J. Moore (CB, Vanderbilt)

The Titans have almost zero needs, but CB can be improved a tad.

31. Arizona Cardinals – Chris Wells (RB, Ohio State)

With James wanting out, Wells could be a fix here.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers – Alphonso Smith (CB, Wake Forest)

With McFadden gone, CB is a need.

That is what I have so far.

Keep tuned for more.

ALSO, be prepared for the end of this week.

The Website will be launched by this Friday!!!

Keep ya posted, peace.


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Entry #12 — Sorry

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on April 15, 2009

Hey, sorry everyone.

There hasn’t been a post up here for a few days now. It’s been real busy.

And, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but…..

There won’t be another post for at least 2 more days.

This lack of posting is because of our full time website!!

We are currently getting everything together and preparing for a Pre-NFL Draft Day Launch!!!!

Stay current on this breaking news here or on my Twitter page       http://twitter.com/FantasyFreak911

Talk to ya lata!!!!!

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Entry #11 — 48 is the new 30

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on April 11, 2009

Hey everyone. How are things?

I’m doing fine and dandy today.

Boy oh boy do I have a post for you today, The Masters.

Can’t you hear the heavenly music playing and the soothing sounds of Jim Nantz’s voice?

I sure can.

Anyways, lets get right into it.

The Masters Tournament, or better yet, The Masters (sounds cooler) is in its 73rd year as the premire golfing tournament.

In the past 10 years, there have been 6 winners from the US, 1 from Canada, Fiji, Spain, and South Africa.

Out of the 6 US winners, 3 have been a man you might have heard of, Mr. Eldrick Tont Woods, aka, Tiger Woods.

Phil Mickelson has two green jackets as well, with Zach Johnson being the most recent American to win.

Last year’s finish was a first. It was the first time a golfer under the age of 30 had won the tournament since 1997, when Mr. Woods did it at the astonishing age of 21.

Last year’s winner was Trevor Immelman, he was 29. (Sound’s like he just died huh?)

(R.I.P Nick Adenhart)

Anyways, back to the story.

This year’s tournament has a different tale. A slightly older one…

Kenny Perry, a 48 year old golfer from Kentucky is trying to be the oldest Masters Tournament winner

He would beat out Jack Nicklaus who was 46 when he won it in 1986. (Geez, don’t do the math on that one..)

Perry is currently tied for the lead at -9 going into the third round of play.

He is tied with fellow US golfer, Chad Campbell.

Well, it seems to me that age has no more barriers on a countless number of individuals, including soon to be 38 year old Lance Armstrong, soon to be 40 year old Brett Favre (should be Farve), and soon to be 38 Shaquille O’Neal.

Age is meaning less and less nowadays, of course, try telling that to my father who seemingly gets his a$$ kicked by a flight of stairs and a bum ankle, and knee, and shoulder….

Then again, he does swim laps like a fish 3-4 times a week so, I give him his due.

Anyways, good luck Mr. Perry, you’re a better man than I’ll be when I turn 48, and a better golfer than I’ll ever be.

Check back here next week when I get into some NFL mock draft posts.


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Entry #10 — Different Type of Post

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on April 9, 2009

Hey guys, hows it goin?

Well, I’m doing very well this fine Thursday morning.

Today’s post is going to be a little different than my usual ones.

Today I have some news. Big News.

4th and Long is going to be featured into a new, full length website, completely dedicated to sports commentary and opinions!!!

The website is not yet created, it’s still in it’s developmental stage.

There are going to be three main components to this website, including myself.

Me and two friends, who are also fellow sports aficionados, are going to start up a small sports commentary website.

The website will take the form of an opinion/editorial based writing style on the biggest headlines in the world of sports. The sports covered will range from the NFL, MLB, and NBA, to UFC, Boxing, and the UFL. It will be a wide platform of sports news.

As of now, we are expected to have a staff of 3 regular writers, with articles being written by 4 to 5 associated journalists.

We are looking for at least 2 more regular writers, and by regular we mean daily. If anyone out there is interested in writing for us, please contact via email.

Anyways, back to the news.

So, yeah, there is going to be a new, awesome, and entertaining source out there for sports news and headline slants.

BUT <—————————– LISTEN <—————————–AGAIN<————————–!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be a commentary and opinion based website, NOT A NEWS AND STATISTICAL WEBSITE!!!!

Don’t expect to read late breaking articles and in depth reporting.

What You Will Read Is:

1. Ranting and Raging on CRAZY trades

2. Laughing and mocking of stupid off the field antics

3. Commentary and opinions based on a variety of games and series’s

4. Hillarious takes on some crazy headlines and stories

5. All Around Awesomeness!!!

Yes, be prepared for pure awesomeness.

This website will be launched in the very near future, so BE READY.

Coming to a computer near you……..

– FantasyFreak911

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Entry #9 — Basketball and some more Basketball

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on April 8, 2009

Why hello there.

How’s everyone doing this fine Wednesday afternoon?

I’m doing pretty well, aside from being woken up at 3 am this morning from a fire alarm…..

Let’s just say there were quite a few angry college kids around here this morning.

Anyways, welcome back. We’re going to talk a little NCAA basketball and some NBA today.

First, as they have been all season, The UConn Huskies Basketball team has done it again, and yes, we’re talking about the women.

39-0 and an NCAA title to boot.

Check this stat:

In the past 9 years, the UConn women’s basketball team has had a margin of victory of at least 10 points in every single game they played, 3 times. Yea, you heard right, 3 freakin’ times!!

2000 – 31.2 PPG Margin of Victory        Closest Game = 15 points

2002- 26.8 PPG Margin of Victory        Closest Game = 12 points

2009- 25.2 PPG Margin of Victory        Closest Game = 19 points

Absolutely dominating, so nobody should be surprised when they won the Championship game by 22 points.

Just another day at the office….

Okay, well, aside from complete domination on the women’s side, lets talk about some pro basketball.

Blake Griffin is heading to the NBA Draft. Who saw that coming….

Griffin is a beastly college player, but who knows how those talents are going to carry over to the NBA.

Especially when you aren’t playing teams who have some 6’5″ forwards. Like you would in college.

But alas, he was still a beastly player at Oklahoma, for example:

Player/School/Double Doubles

David Robinson, Navy —————– 31

Blake Griffin, Oklahoma —————— 30

Xavier McDaniel, Witchita St. ——————– 30

Jerry West, West Virginia ———————- 30

Also there’s:

Player/School                                     Season                                    Rebounds

Larry Bird, Indiana St. ————————– ’78 – ’79 —————————————-505

Blake Griffin, Oklahoma ——————-’08 – ’09 —————————————504

Akeem Olajuwon, Houston———————-’83 – ’84 —————————————-500

These are some amazing stats at the college level, with some big NBA names, so who knows what will become of Mr. Griffin, but in  my eyes, he will never match his college career with a pro one.

Now for some Awards Watching!

The NBA MVP award is a very crowded award this year. There are at least 5 solid players who can take it home.

Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul. Chancey Billups is also poking his head in.

According to ESPN, Lebron is the top dog in this fight. I beg to differ. No offense to Lebron, he is a great player and al, but I’m going to have to go with Dwayne Wade.

Dwayne Wade – #3 SG – Miami Heat

29.9 PPG          7.5 APG                 .305  3P%          38.5 MPG (Most of Any of the MVP Candidates)

These numbers, along with the fact that HE has personally carried the entire Miami Heat team on his back this season, prove to me the Dwayne Wade is much deserving of the MVP award this season.

But hey, whoever wins it out of those 5 players, is a great player and deserved it as well.

That’s all I have for you today my peeps.

Check back soon for some baseball news, as well as the up coming NFL Draft Series I will be having!!!


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Entry #8 — Opening Day 2009!!!

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on April 6, 2009

Hey everybody!

Welcome back. Boy have we got an action packed post for you.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Sports Center or any other ESPN program, last night was Opening Night 2009 for Major League Baseball.

Yes, the time has come, and more importantly the 2009 Fantasy Baseball League is here!!!!!

I feel like a kid on christmas right now!!!

Ahem, well, anyways, let us get right to it.

Our main story for the day, Baseball is here. All Hail the Pine Tar.

Let’s get to some headlines:

1. Braves Ruin the Phillies Phandemonium

The Atlanta Braves did in fact beat Philly last night in the first regular season game of the 2009 season. How hillarious and exciting. No offense to the defending World Champs, but I mean, come on.

If anyone did watch the rarely advertised Opening Day game, like me, than you would have seen how bad the Phillies played.

They couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn last night. They had a combined 4 hits as a team, well actually, it wasn’t the whole team, it was only 3 starters and one pinch hitter bringing the offense for our Champs.

And not to take anything away from the Braves, Derek Lowe was untouchable through 8 innings, allowing only 2 of the 4 hits while fanning 4 by the way of the K. Masterful.

This was a great first game for Atlanta, not so much for Philly.

It was great for me too, Brian McCann’s in my lineup…….

Another headline we should discuss is the numerous injuries affecting some high quality MLB teams this year:

1. Alex Rodriguez- Even when he’s hurt he makes the news. This is good news for Yankee fan’s as well as some Fantasy Owners. He is projected right now to come back to the lineup by the end of April. Woo Hoo…

I cannot stand Mr. Rodriguez, for three reasons. One, he’s a Yankee, Two, he’s not in my fantasy lineup, and Three, he’s been hanging out with Madonna, *shiver*

2. The Angel’s Pitching Staff- With injuries like Anaheim, oh excuse me, Los Angeles, oh wait, my fault again, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Wait, what? They’re back to the LA Angels? Well, I guess you can call yourself whatever you want when you absolutely own a division the way the Angels rule the AL West.

The injuries to John Lackey, Kelvim Escobar, and Ervin Santana are going to seriously jeapordize that pitching rotation. But, with how weak the AL West has been the past 2 to 3 years, how bad can LA do….?

3. Ichiro– Yes, I am aware that I said “High Quality” teams, but Ichiro IS the Seattle Mariners, so, Im going to include him.

He is going to be out for at least 15 days due to a bleeding ulcer.

Must have finnaly realized he’s on the Mariners, that would give me one too….

Well, thats all the baseball headlines I have for you today, but don’t worry, check back tomorrow for all your useless sports info needs.

Also, my prediction for the NCAA Championship (how could I skip this?) is going to be:

North Carolina- 78                             Michigan State- 74

Tar Heels with the win.

See ya back here tomorrow!


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Entry #7 — DUIs and Cutler Cries

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on April 2, 2009

Well my friends, welcome back.

There are quite a few things worthy of being discussed today like Mr. Vick finally being free, and even Gary Sheffield, however, I have picked two stories that I want to touch on.

If you couldn’t tell what they are by the title, you might as well leave now. Go ahead, I’ll wait…


Ok, now that the fake fan’s have left, lets get started.

I of course will be discussing Donte’ Stallworth going to prison (most likely) and The Biggest Pu**y in Football, Jay “Cry Baby” Cutler.

We’ll talk about Donte’ first.

A basic summary of what happened was:

1. Donte Got Hammered

2. Donte Got in a Car

3. Mario Reyes decided to cross the street

4. Donte’ didn’t see(?) Mr. Reyes

5. Donte’ and Mr. Reyes meet (not in the nicest of ways)

6. Donte is facing prison charges with a maximum of 15 years behind bars.

7. Donte’ sobers up.

8. Donte’ feels bad.

9. Cleveland loses yet again.

Thats basically it.

Now if what I typed seems a little inconsiderate to Mr. Reyes than I apologize, because my prayers are with his family.

But honestly Donte? A BAC (blood alcohol level) of .126 plus driving equals disaster.

Why on earth would ANYONE let this man get behind the wheel of a car, some advice man, get a new group of friends, because if they can’t look out for you, especially in a situation as dire as this, they are absolute trash.

Good luck Donte, have fun in prison because that is where your probably going, and guess what, you deserve it.

Well, now after we got the sad and uncomfortable story out of the way, we can trash one of my least favorite professional athletes in the known universe.

That is right my friends, Jay Cutler.

For the las freakin time, I HATE THIS GUYS FREAKING GUTS.

How little of a man do you have to be to whine and complain about talks of you being traded to a new team, demand a trade after the team apologizes and wants you to be theiEdit Post ‹ 4th and Long — WordPressr quarterback, and then when the coach and OWNER try and call you for a solid 10 days, you don’t answer or call back. Grow the F*** Up.

And this is where my anger turns to pure HATRID over this guy.

Not only is he saying that he never got any calls or messages from Coach McDaniels and Pat Bowlen (Denver’s Owner), he is saying that HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE TRADED, HE THOUGHT IT WOULDN’T GO THIS FAR.


Are You Serious?!

You demanded the damn trade. And now your saying that you didn’t think it would get this far?

What on earth goes through your mind? Still thinking that you’re John Elway version 2.0?

Here’s some advice to you Mr. Cutler:

Get Your Head Out of Your Ass and Act Like an Adult.

And a warning to all you GM’s out there in the NFL:

If you are looking for a 25 year old kindergarten student, than by all means, go after him.

However, if you want a real man, and a real football player, I would rather have Jeff Garcia at this point.

And hey, look on the bright side.

Mike Vick is a free man….

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Entry #6 — The Newest Wildcat

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on April 1, 2009

Hey everyone, how are you all doing on this very fine wednesday afternoon? Good?

Well I know someone who is doing pretty good today, and his name is Jon Calipari.

Yes the saga has almost come to an end after a long day and a half of Sportscenter reports saying Coach Calipari is considering the Kentucky coaching job.

Of course he was considering it! Why wouldn’t you?

It’s an 8 year 35 million dollar contract! Talk about job security.

Plus, it’s Kentucky. One of the most prestigious Men’s College Basketball programs in the country.

Grats’ to ya Jon. At least someone in this economy is making money, legally and morally in this case.

Now I do feel bad for Memphis, because they are basically going from one of the best teams in the country, down to an average squad. From amazing down to ehhh alright.

That stings. And what hurts the most, is that fact that 3 of the top 6 recruits in the country, who were ready to sign letters of intent to Memphis, are probably going to change their minds and follow their coach to Kentucky.

Along with a top recruiting class, the Wildcats may also get to keep Jodie Meeks, a unanimous First Team All-SEC selection. Pretty good huh.

But in all honesty, who wouldn’t have taken that job? 35 Million dollars over 8 years, with a whole bunch of extra bonuses and incentives thrown in. As well as a top recruiting class to follow you and possibly one of the greatest players in the country staying for his senior year.

Seems like a no brainer to me….

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Poll #1 — NCAA Tournament

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on March 30, 2009

Who is your 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion?

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Entry #5 — Grab Bag

Posted by FantasyFreak911 on March 30, 2009

Hey all, how’s everything going?

Today’s post has no real foundation, so I’m just going to ramble on about a bunch of random stories from the days sports headlines.

The reason I am using random stories is because a certain Fantasy Baseball league commissioner has yet to post our live offline draft results to ESPN.

I would love to go over how well I drafted as well as a few others in the league, but I can’t, so THANKS!

So, anyways, be on the lookout for that post. And enjoy this one.

First. I am getting sick and tired of the NCAA tournament already, yet I am still pulled in by every game.

The final four has been set featuring two #1 seeds, a #2 seed, and a #3 seed. Pretty average.

I am going to give you my predictions for these games.

First, I believe that Michigan St. will be run out of the building by Uconn, unfortunately. The Huskies are on a war path right now, and the 2 seeded Spartans aren’t going to trip them up.

For the second game, North Carolina has also been dominating their opponents, unlike Villanova, who had a scare in round 1 against Patriot League champs American University.

Therefore I am picking the Tar Heels, making my NCAA Championship match up:

Connecticut vs. North Carolina

Leading to the toughest pick of the tournament.

However, I am going to have to go with Toe Lawson (quote from Tim Olsen) and Tyler Hansborough a.k.a. “Freak” over Hasheem Thabeet and A.J. Price.

North Carolina def. Connecticut

Finally, the tournament is over, and I already miss it =(

Anyways, next topic:

Kevin Gregg is the Cubs new closer; NOT CARLOS MARMOL!!!

If you are in a fantasy league for baseball this year, head that headline.

Marmol was a top relief pitching prospect going into this season, until now. Gregg is the new closer, therefore, pick him up!!!

There are a couple of guys in my league who are going to read this and laugh at the person who took him, as well as be fighting to get Gregg, I am included.

So, please take it upon yourself to sign Kevin Gregg and either bench, or drop Carlos Marmol.

Good Luck!

Finally our third topic, Calipari to Kentucky?

Yes, Coach Jon Calipari is seriously contemplating a coaching job with the Kentucky Wildcats, a source close to the situation has reported.

He has been meeting with the top heads at Memphis and awaiting this big multimillion dollar contract offer from Kentucky.

No word has been said if he wants the job or not, but serious talks have emerged and will continue through the next few days.

Some reasons to leave his Memphis program behind are the feelings of tradition and a love of basketball felt in the state of Kentucky, and a stout rivalry between Louisville head coach Rick Pitino.

Of course, leaving a program that was built up from nothing and turned into a perennial National Title contender isn’t easy either.

Good Luck to ya Jon.

And good luck to you my loyal subjects.

Win your brackets
Win your fantasy baseball leagues

Ahh win whatever the hell ya want
Lose for all I care

C ya!

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